Startup finance
without the ARGH.

Our team takes financial management off your hands, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Financial management for Next Gen. Founders

Scaleup Finance combines technology and financial expertise in a subscription-based solution, so founders can focus on building the business they dream of.

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Trusted by 150+ startups

Understanding the unique
needs of growing companies

Malte Kamp Videbæk
CEO, Europe
Pie Systems

All the reporting you want

All the financial advice
you need
All the freedom you dream of

Scaleup Finance provides a financial management platform to simplify and professionalise the management and administration of financial operations for startups, scaleups and SMEs.

Dedicated CFO partner
Strategic finance is important to scale your business successfully. A dedicated CFO partner is here to help you make the right decisions for your business.
Budgeting, forecasting & reporting 
Give your company a boost where others fall short. Fuel your growth with access to custom budgeting, forecasting and management reporting.
Bookkeeping, payments and payroll
Bookkeeping, payments and payroll are important? Yes. Exciting? Perhaps not. Leave the spreadsheets and dull day-to-day to us, so you can stick to what you love.

CFO at your service,
as a service.

The CFO as you know it is broken. Cumbersome meetings, poor reporting and outrageously expensive. Next generation founders need sharp financial insights, intel and advice in a clear format delivered at speed. This is where we come in.
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Trusted by growing companies
"We used to have endless conversations about various ways to do financial reporting and why it’s not good enough. Now, we talk about the impacts of different changes. So the conversation has changed in the boardroom."
Jonas Moll
CEO & Founder
Vital Beats
"Having a CFO Partner gives me peace of mind and a sense of security, so I can focus on my business. I trust that he has my back, and that he’s one step ahead of me in my financials."
Rune Chrøis
CEO & Co-founder
Vital Beats


Automated financial and management tasks
Jakob Knutzen
"Scaleup Finance has helped me become confident that I'm on top of all of our financials, and I can present that to investors and report that to people who've invested in my company."
Timm Jeppesen

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Time to get the just-right financial advice and intel in a picture perfect format
"After having worked with different external accountants, we constantly found ourselves looking for someone who really understood what being a startup means because it's not the same as an average company - there's fires all over the place with startups and you need to put out the one closest to you."
Timm Jeppesen

Your board calls it an impressive and transparent piece of financial reporting.
You call it no big deal.

All the reporting
you need
Remove the headache from administrative and financial tasks.
All the financial advice
you want
Access all the support you need.
All the freedom
you dream of
One dashboard gives you the overview.
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