Your potential investors get exactly the financial insights they dream of.
You get them just by asking.

Scaleup finance is a service platform for ambitious founders who care about their business performance in general, not their finances in detail.

Scaleup finance is the answer to all the pain we’ve felt as entrepreneurs - dealing with tedious financial management issues, while trying to fund, build, staff, scale and succeed all at once.


Bookkeeping, reconciliations and accruals: Important? Yes. Exciting? Perhaps not. Leave the spreadsheets and dull day-to-day to us, so you can stick to what you love.

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Payroll is necessary, but it’s not necessary to spend hours on it. We take the challenge off your hands - streamlining the process and freeing up more time for you and your team.

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The day is too short to spend hours on payments. We'll handle them for you, so you can stay focused on scaling your business.

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Reporting & Budgeting

Give your investors what they want and your business what it needs - without spending hours buried in spreadsheets. Clear reporting. Strong budgets. Can’t lose.

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Financial Modeling

We know the struggle startups face with fundraising. Our experts are ready to take on the tough work and clear the path for you to build the business you desire.

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Specialised Finance

Every startup deserves financial management as specialised as their business. We offer solutions fit specifically to the needs of your company, regardless of product or size.

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The only overview
you’ll ever need.

From KPI’s and cost expenditures to liquidity and burn rate, get an instant look under the hood of your business - and the key insights to keep it humming.

Previously, we relied on a
traditional bookkeeper solution

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Trust yourself, and trust the Finance Management to us.
Malte Kamp Videbæk
CEO, Europe
Pie Systems

Free to be
a founder

As founders ourselves, we have experienced the frustration of trying to scale up accounting administration using out-of-touch solutions. When we couldn’t find a suitable solution, we decided to build our own - creating a service for founders that refuse to accept outdated ways of thinking.

Designed for the
future of finance

Too many accounting firms have failed to adapt to the way today’s startups and small companies operate. These companies need flexible solutions fit for the dynamic nature of financial management now and in the years to come. We’re built for just that - ready to adjust on the fly and reinvent financial solutions in response to the needs of startups.

Fearlessly redefining
financial management

Scaleup finance is made to take the headache out of financial management and give founders the freedom to be founders. Gone are the days of overpriced CFOs, endless meetings and patronising guidance. A new era of business calls for a new era of financial management - and we’re here to ensure it’s defined by putting founders first.