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Bringing your financial setup to the next level

At Scaleup Finance, we’re geeks - we love numbers and financial modelling. And we love helping our clients get the most out of their business. We know this isn’t just dependent on financial management, but also expert understanding and professional communication of important financial metrics.
We created the Scaleup CXO cockpit to provide you with a clear and understandable overview of every element of your finances in one place. It makes it much easier to understand and discuss important metrics, and communicate your needs persuasively.
But that’s not where our support ends - we also provide advice, support, and expertise as your CFO partner. Whatever your financial needs or challenges, Scaleup Finance can meet them and bring your financial setup to the next level. 

Instant understanding with a clear overview.

Our services include

Reporting and budgeting
Financial models and fundraising
Specialized finance


Bookkeeping, reconciliations, accruals - these tasks are important, but they’re not the most exciting. Let our experts handle their day-to-day management so you can focus on other things.


Let's face it - payroll is not the most exciting task. We can make it run smoothly for you, so it doesn’t take any more time from your team.


Payments and all the related administration are safe in our hands, meaning you can focus on closing your next deal or discussing the next product development.

Reporting and budgeting

As experts in this field, we understand your metrics. Our team can handle the administration of these tasks and help you clearly communicate them to the relevant stakeholders.

Financial models and fundraising

Start-ups often fall short when it comes to financial models and fundraising. We know the struggle, and we want to share our expertise and help you with these tasks.

Specialized finance

Specific financial needs can vary depending on your business. We have a team of experienced specialists to match your exact needs. 

The Scaleup Dashboard provides you with a user-friendly overview of all the key metrics your company needs.

The overview you've been looking for!

One dashboard to rule them all

The Scaleup CXO cockpit consolidates your company's finances into one simple dashboard. With API integrations to the biggest accounting systems, there's no need to look anywhere else.

Financial reporting made easy

In the Scaleup CXO cockpit, you can send out accurate monthly reports directly to board members, investors and other key stakeholders. . Financial reporting has never been easier.

Metric KPI's

Monitor your company's financial KPI's and get advanced analyses on cost expenditures, liquidity, burn rate etc. using our forecasting tool.

What our customers say

"Scaleup Finance has been an absolute game changer for us. They have automated so many of our admin tasks, which has taken away a lot of stressful tasks from my desk. On top of that, it's extremely valuable to have our own CFO partner, who is so knowledgeable about the issues we’re facing."

Tim Jeppesen, CEO

"Scaleup Finance has helped Butter since Day 1 in automating and managing 90% of our finance and accounting admin tasks, massively offloading me to focus on building our business. They are also increasingly becoming strategic finance partners, assisting in budgeting and forecasting, fully filling my need for a CFO."

Jakob Knutzen, CEO
Martin Boberg, CEO

"Previously, we relied on a traditional bookkeeper solution, but this only solved a fraction of our needs. Scaleup Finance has so much in-depth knowledge of exactly what we’re going through as a start-up, which has really boosted our financial setup and how we are able to communicate and report to our stakeholders."

Why we are different

By founders, for founders

As founders ourselves, we had unsuccessfully scanned the market for a solution to scale-up accounting administration. When no one could meet our needs or fully understand our difficulties, we decided to make our own solution.

Facing the financial future

Accountancy firms thrive off old ways of working that just don’t work for small companies. It’s the twenty-first century - we need new solutions and new flexible ways of working. We’re not afraid to change with the times, reinvent financial solutions, and respond to the needs of startups.

Reinventing finance management

We developed the Scaleup CXO cockpit to meet start-up specific needs and effectively handle all the financial tasks necessary. It also provides a simple way to carry out financial reporting for board members and investors.

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