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A financial plan you can trust.

Set your business up for success. Scaleup's business budgeting tool is here to help you with just that. Easily create a budget, in sync with your historical data and strategic goals, and build a financial strategy you can rely on.

Make financial planning simpler.
With a financial strategy you can rely on.

Building proactive budgets while working in a fast-moving and dynamic business is a real challenge, especially if you’re working with data that isn’t accurate. Scaleup's Business Budgeting tool is here to help. Create your budget, in sync with your historical data and strategic goals, and build a financial strategy you can rely on. Perfect for finance professionals, founders and CEOs who want their financial planning straight-up and strategic. 

Adjustable Budgets

Your budget, your choice. Build and edit your budget directly in our platform. Or upload a historic Excel budget onto our platform and start editing here.

Data Integration

Say goodbye to static budgets. Our platform allows for seamless integration with ERP and CRM systems, ensuring your budget reflects the latest data.

Adaptable Forecasts

Conditions change, and so should your forecast. Our Forecast Module enables quick adjustments, keeping you agile and informed.

Strategic Alignment

Scaleup's platform helps you align your budget with your strategic goals. Through real-time data and flexible forecasting, ensuring targeted growth and adaptability.
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Why choose Scaleup for Business Budgeting?

Financial Insights
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CFO Services

Building a budget in our financial management platform is straightforward. Depending on the level of budgeting support you need, we also offer CFO Services. Our CFO Partners specialise in understanding and addressing the distinct needs of growing companies - to further simplify the budgeting process and free up time for you to drive your business forward.

Start Building Smart Budgets.

Financial Planning & Analysis
Automated Reporting & Consolidation
Strategic Financial Advice
Working With 200+ Fast-Growing Companies
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Why is budgeting so important?

Budgeting lays the foundation for strategic planning, enabling businesses to allocate resources wisely, anticipate financial needs, and steer towards growth objectives effectively.

Do I need financial know-how to use this tool?

Not at all. Scaleup is designed for ease of use, making sophisticated budgeting accessible to users with different levels of financial expertise.

Can I adjust a forecast after it’s been created?

Absolutely. Scaleup allows for flexible forecast adjustments, ensuring your financial planning remains relevant and responsive to market or business changes.

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