Confident Cash Flow Planning with Scaleup

Cash Flow Planning, Simplified.

Facing the uncertainty of future cash positions, the challenge of managing liquidity, and the risk of cash shortfalls can be daunting. At Scaleup, we're here to simplify cash flow forecasting and give you insights that you can trust. 

Simplifying cash flow forecasts to give you insights you can trust.

As a business, having enough money in the bank to pay for your expenses is crucial. At Scaleup, we're here to take away the burden of cash flow planning, so you can focus on scaling your business.

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Navigate Future Finances with Ease.

Scaleup simplifies forecasting, turning complex data into clear insights, so you can steer your business's financial future without the stress.


Spot Cash Shortfalls Before They Happen.

With real-time updates and predictive analytics, Scaleup alerts you to potential cash shortfalls, giving you the upper hand in managing your liquidity.


Make Informed Decisions on Solid Ground.

Empower your strategic decisions with Scaleup's accurate, up-to-date cash flow forecasts, ensuring every move you make is grounded in reliable data.

Cash Flow Planning; Never Frustrating

We help startups, scaleups and SMEs to streamline cash flow planning and analysis, so you can navigate the complexities of financial management with ease.

Budget and Forecast Module

Dive into financial planning with the Budget and Forecast Module, designed to streamline your budgeting and cash flow forecasting. This tool combines a top-down and bottom-up approach, allowing for flexibility and precision in your financial planning. 

Cash Flow Auto-Calculation

Scaleup simplifies cash flow management by automatically calculating your cash flow statements. By leveraging your financial data, this feature eliminates the need for manual calculations, reducing errors and saving time. So you gain a clear view of your cash position at any moment, enabling proactive financial management.

Visual Insights for Quick Decisions

Transform complex financial data into compelling visual insights with Scaleup. Our software allows you to turn your cash metrics into insightful graphs and dashboards helping you make informed decisions quickly, so your business can adapt and thrive in dynamic market conditions.

Seamless Integration

Scaleup's platform seamlessly integrates with your ERP, CRM, HR and accounting systems, ensuring a unified source of truth for all your financial data. This integration facilitates real-time data feeds from systems like Xero, Quickbooks, and e-conomic, providing up-to-date information for accurate financial planning and reporting.

Role-Based User Access

Enhance collaboration and data security with Scaleup's role-based user access. This feature allows you to assign specific roles and permissions within your team, ensuring that sensitive financial information is accessible only to authorised personnel.

Ready to forecast your cash flow? 

Leave the guesswork behind and step into a future where your finances are clear as day. Let's get you started.

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"As a founder, you have limited time and knowledge to manage your strategic finance tasks. Scaleup Finance has truly solved this for us. Automated monthly reporting and a proactive CFO Partner who advises on measurable action in line with Perci's actuals, and growth forecasts has saved me a lot of time and worry."
Kelly McCabe,
CEO & Co-founder | Perci Health

Ready to forecast your cash flow? 

Leave the guesswork behind and step into a future where your finances are clear as day. Let's get you started.

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All the answers you need for all the questions you’ve got.

(But also TL;DR)

What is cash flow forecasting in simple terms?

Cash flow forecasting is like mapping out your business's financial journey over the coming months or years. It's about predicting how much money you expect to flow in and out of your business, helping you see if you'll have enough cash to cover your expenses and when you might need to tighten the belt or can afford to invest more.

Is a cash flow forecast the same as a budget?

Not quite. A budget is more like your financial blueprint, showing how much money you plan to spend and earn within a certain period. It's about setting financial goals and limits. A cash flow forecast, on the other hand, is about timing—predicting when money will actually come in and go out, helping you ensure you have enough cash on hand at any given time.

What are the advantages of a cash flow forecast?

Cash flow forecasting comes with a bunch of perks. It helps you avoid running out of money unexpectedly by showing potential cash shortfalls in advance. It also supports smarter decision-making about when to make big purchases or investments – and can even improve your chances of securing loans by showing lenders you have a solid handle on your financial future.

What makes a good cash flow forecast?

A good cash flow forecast is accurate, detailed, and flexible. It uses up-to-date and realistic data about your income and expenses, includes regular updates to reflect changes in your business, and allows you to play out different "what if" scenarios. The best forecasts are those that give you clear insights into your financial health, helping you make informed decisions to steer your business toward growth.

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