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Every startup is unique, but our commitment to their success is always the same. No matter where your company is in its growth journey, we have the financial management solution to help you take it to the next level. But don’t just take it from us - hear from founders we’ve already helped.

Malte Kamp Videbæk
CEO, Europe
Pie Systems

"Before, we used to have endless conversations about various ways to do financial reporting and why it’s not good enough. Now, we talk about the impacts of different changes. So the conversation has changed in the boardroom."

Optimising financial knowledge and understanding

"Having a CFO Partner gives me peace of mind and a sense of security, so I can focus on my own business. I trust that he has my back, and that he’s one step ahead of me in my financials."

More time fo focus on what we do best

"Scaleup Finance has helped me become confident that I'm on top of all of our financials, and I can present that to investors and report that to people who've invested in my company."

Standing stronger in front of investors

"After having worked with different external accountants, we constantly found ourselves looking for someone who really understood what being a startup means because it's not the same as an average company - there's fires all over the place with startups and you need to put out the one closest to you."

Understanding the unique needs of startups

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