Investor & Board Reporting

Simplify Your Investor & Board Reports.

Transform data chaos into clear, stakeholder-friendly reports with ease. Scaleup automates the heavy lifting, turning your data into sleek, comprehensive reports that your board and investors will love.


Reports that your investors and board will love.

Reporting in the Scaleup Financial Management Platform is like the highlight reel of your company's financial health, and can be tailored to meet the needs of your board and investors. 

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Visual Storytelling for Impactful Presentations.

Turn your data into a story that helps investors understand your vision. With Scaleup, your reports go from numbers on a page to a storytelling narrative, complete with charts and graphs that stick.

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Export to PDF for Easy Sharing.

Get a monthly report on autopilot, so you can see critical metrics at a glance. You can export it as a PDF at the click of a button, and easily share it with the board or your investors.

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Why You'll Love Scaleup Finance for Investor and Board Reporting

Ever feel like you're spending all your time wrestling with reports instead of steering the ship? We get it. That's why we started Scaleup Finance - to take the heavy lifting out of investor and board reporting.

Fast, Board-Ready Reports

Our Reporting Module integrates data from various systems, helping you to set up customisable, monthly reports that make you look like a superstar. No sweat, no tears, just reports ready to go when you are.

Strategic Insights on Tap

Whether you're figuring out your next strategic move or needing to reassure your investors with clear and timely reporting, we've got all the right insights to back you up. 

Goodbye, Spreadsheet Errors

Ever felt your stomach drop when an investor or board member questioned your reports? Our platform integrates with the right systems, so you can reply with 100% confidence.

Real-Time, All the Time

Presenting reports with data that’s playing catch-up? Not cool. We know how frustrating it is to have a cut-off point for your reports. Scaleup reports deliver the data you need, on time. 

"As a founder, you have limited time and knowledge to manage your strategic finance tasks. Scaleup Finance has truly solved this. Automated monthly reporting and a proactive CFO Partner who advises on measurable action in line with Perci's actuals, and growth forecasts has saved me a lot of time and worry."
Kelly McCabe,
CEO & Co-founder | Perci Health

Investor & Board Reporting That’s Finally, Simple

Our Investor and Board Reporting solution is designed to foster transparency and meet the expectations of your board & investors.

For Founders & CEOs

For the Founders and CEOs with limited time, our software streamlines the process of reporting to boards and investors, allowing you to focus on scaling your business. 

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For CFOs & Finance Teams

We help finance teams make smarter decisions. Our platform offers customisable reporting and insights, streamlining your processes and cutting down on spreadsheet hassle.

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Feed us the data. 
Watch us crunch 
the numbers.

Ready to save time, wow your board and investors, and have a crystal clear picture of your financials?

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All the answers you need for all the questions you’ve got.

(But also TL;DR)

How quickly can I generate reports for upcoming investor or board meetings?

As quick as you can say “that was quick”. Once the platform is connected to your ERP and accounting systems, you can set up your monthly reports just the way you want them - and they will be available to you on a monthly basis with a click of a button. 

Is it possible to integrate the software with other financial systems I’m currently using?

Yes - you can integrate with Xero, e-conomic and Quickbooks. A Hubspot integration is coming soon...

Can I customise my reports to align with my company's needs?

Absolutely! That’s the beauty (literally) of the software. The reports are customisable, so you can give your board and investors reports that will make you look good.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Have a chat with our team.

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