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Custom reports in no time.

Feel the dread of financial reporting? The endless spreadsheets, the late nights? Say goodbye to all that. Scaleup's Management Reporting Software is here to transform your financial reporting from a chore into a breeze.

We're here to transform your financial reporting. Scaleup's Management Reporting Software turns your financial data into customisable monthly reports.

With critical metrics presented at a glance, you'll gain insights faster than ever, greatly reducing report preparation time.

With us, management reporting is insightful, straightforward, and—most importantly—time-efficient. Oh, and it looks good, too.

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Easily build reports for your next meeting.

Jump into our report builder and see how easy it is to pull together management reports that tell a compelling story.

A few clicks and you're adding in metrics, popping in charts and laying out your data in a compelling way, so it makes sense to everyone. We've got a bunch of ready-to-go metrics, but if you need something special, you can create custom ones too.


Get the strategic insights you need.

Think of our customisable reports as a personal business coach. They don't just throw data at you; they light up the path to your big goals.

Got all the numbers? Great, because now they give you clear, action-ready insights that make deciding your next big move a breeze.


Say goodbye to error-prone spreadsheets.

Tired of triple checking your reports to figure out why the numbers don't add up? Our financial management platform helps you make sure your reports are spot on.

It talks smoothly to all sorts of software - think Xero, Quickbooks, or e-conomic. And makes sure your reports get pulled together with the correct data.


Real-time data and reporting.

Forget about clunky, outdated reports that take days to catch up with the real-time numbers.

Our management reporting software offers customisable monthly reporting, so you and your team have a clear view of your business performance.

Management reporting software that gets you.

Data isn't just power - it's the roadmap to success. That's where Scaleup Finance comes into play. Our Management Reporting Software isn't just another tool; it's your ally in the quest for clarity, efficiency, and strategic insight.

For Founders & CEOs

For the visionaries turning dreams into reality, our software simplifies financial reporting, freeing you to focus on the growth of your business. It’s tailored for startups and scaleups, providing the insights needed to drive your venture forward.

Discover our solutions
Discover our solutions

For CFOs & Finance Teams

For the strategists managing the company finances, our tool enhances your ability to make informed decisions. Offering customisable reports and strategic insights, we help you streamline internal processes and remove the headache of manual work in spreadsheets - so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Discover our solutions
Discover our solutions
Automate your management reporting

Deep dive into your finances, quickly.

Get started now
Get started now
Seamless Integration

Instantly sync with ERP and CRM systems. Real-time data from Xero, Quickbooks, e-conomic, and more.

Dynamic Report Builder

Craft and share monthly reports effortlessly. Tailored insights for key stakeholders.

Drill-Down Function

Transaction-level insights with one click. Understand business activity by deep-diving into bookkeeping entries without complexities.

Finance Mapping and Validation

Easily map your accounts from your accounting system and get accurate, validated data at your fingertips.

Custom Dashboards

Quick overviews with a personal touch. Your data, your dashboard.

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All the answers you need for all the questions you’ve got.

(But also TL;DR)

Will it take me hours to understand my reports?

Our reports speak in simple terms. Think of them as your financial reporting buddy who makes everything easy to understand.

Do I need to be a spreadsheet wizard to use your platform?

Absolutely not. Our platform is easy to use, designed for everyone from beginners to pros. 

What software can I integrate with Scaleup?

Xero, Quickbooks, e-conomic. Hubspot is also coming soon.

Will this software make the finance team obsolete?

Far from it. Think of our software as the sidekick that lets you and your finance team shine, removing the grunt work so you can focus on strategy and insights. Together, you're unstoppable.

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