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Secure your startup’s financial future with sophisticated financial modelling to make your next fundraise a success. Seeking funding for your business? Or looking to make an exit? You’ve likely encountered the challenges around discussing financials with investors and potential buyers.

A Financial Model To Take Your Business Forward

A good pitch isn’t always enough—what you need is a solid financial model. Scaleup's Financial Modeling service helps startups and growing companies construct detailed financial models, modelling performance across various scenarios.

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Designed to let you focus on what’s important, our service ensures you can successfully show your startup’s potential to investors. Our team will work with you to build an accurate financial model that includes all the historical and future-looking data you need – so you can pitch your business to investors with confidence. 


Be prepared for different scenarios

Scenario analysis can be a powerful tool. Our team can help you build a model that includes predictions on how your financials might respond under different market conditions – providing valuable insights for you and your investors.


Get the CFO Support you need

At Scaleup, our team collaborates closely with you to craft the most effective financial model tailored to your unique business needs. We provide ongoing support, ensuring your model remains relevant and is updated in response to investor feedback or shifts in market dynamics.

"As a founder, you have limited time and knowledge to manage your strategic finance tasks. Scaleup Finance has truly solved this for us. Automated monthly reporting and a proactive CFO Partner who advises on measurable action in line with Perci's actuals, and growth forecasts has saved me a lot of time and worry."
Kelly McCabe,
CEO & Co-founder | Perci Health

Secure the funding you need.

Financial Modelling
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What is financial modelling?

Financial modelling is the process of creating a sophisticated representation of a company’s financial health. Using detailed and systematic calculations, these models help predict future financial outcomes by assessing various business scenarios and underlying assumptions. This technique is essential for startups looking to fundraise.

Why is scenario analysis important in financial modelling?

Scenario analysis is crucial in financial modelling. It allows you to explore multiple financial outcomes based on different scenarios. This can help you manage risks more effectively by providing a clearer picture of potential impacts on your company’s finances.

How does Scaleup's service help me with financial modelling?

Scaleup's financial modelling service provides you with a sophisticated model that helps potential investors understand your business and how you plan to grow. Our service includes expert support to ensure the model meets your business needs – so you can feel confident going into fundraising or exit discussions.

Can Scaleup assist me if I don’t have enough financial expertise?

Absolutely. Scaleup’s service is designed to support founders and CEOs who may not have extensive financial knowledge. Our experts guide you through the financial modelling process, providing the tools and insights needed to effectively understand and leverage your financial data.

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