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As a startup founder, you probably wear (too) many hats. Perhaps finance isn’t your forte. Maybe you’re not ready to hire a CFO.

But strategic financial insight is something you can’t afford to lose. That’s where our CFO services for startups come in.

Our “CFO as a service” offering is designed for ambitious startup and scaleup founders who need financial expertise without the full-time commitment of hiring a CFO.

We help you build and execute a robust financial strategy, so you can focus on being the founder you want to be .

What does our CFO service include?

Financial forecasting

Projections of future in-flows and out-flows of cash help founders plan and make informed decisions on where to allocate capital. Our CFO Service helps you stay ahead through sophisticated financial forecasting that reflects your historical data and relevant external market conditions, enabling your business to operate with maximum knowledge.

Cash flow management

Cash flow management is critical for controlling business finance. Your dedicated Scaleup Finance CFO Partner collaborates with you to create a cash flow management strategy in line with your strategic and financial objectives.

Annual Budgeting

Annual budgets protect startups from making financial mistakes and help make informed decisions. Your CFO Partner will help you through the budgeting process and set up everything needed in your financial reports – to ensure transparency over budgets vs. actuals and allow you to take action quickly.

Financial reporting

Bespoke, investor-ready reporting with minimal effort. Receive custom-built reports covering the metrics and KPIs that matter to your startup. Your CFO Partner will help you set up your reports, advise on their structure, and provide regular check-ins to discuss the implications for your business.

Fundraising Support

Startups need capital to develop their product and scale their operations. Scaleup’s CFO Service gets you a dedicated CFO Partner who supports you with strategic guidance around key activities of the funding process, like developing a sound financial model that investors will love.

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Why choose Scaleup’s CFO service?

Data Experts
Startup Specialists

Our CFO Partners specialise in understanding and addressing the distinct needs of startups and scaleups, drawing on extensive experience across different industries and growth phases. Built to meet your needs, your level of CFO support can be adjusted as your business grows.

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Understanding and reporting on financial metrics are fundamental in turning a great idea into an even better business. Scaleup Finance has helped us build a finance management function that is tailored to our business, giving us the confidence to focus on doing what we do best.”
Rory Codrington
Founder & CEO at Trust Keith

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What’s included in our CFO Service?

Our CFO Partners can handle a lot of the core responsibilities of an in-house CFO, from budgeting and forecasting to reporting, financial analysis and fundraising support. You can opt for the whole package, or build your own custom package that only includes the services you need.

What businesses are CFO services suitable for?

CFO services are suitable for any business that doesn’t have an in-house CFO. At Scaleup Finance, we've designed our CFO services specifically for startups, to suit their unique needs and help them overcome their challenges.

How much does our CFO service cost?

Our pricing is flexible and depends on the level of CFO support your startup needs. Get a quote to find out more.

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